Monday, July 18, 2016

Chaos Panthers and Basing Issues

Welcome to an inadvertent series called Miniature Monday.  It wasn't intentional, but the summer lull in scheduling means that some painting gets done over the weekend at Chez Abox.  This week's offering is Splintered Light's Chaos Panthers, done in a traditional black so dark it has blue highlights.

Hold up, if these are specifically for Castle Meatgrinder, what's with the rock and grass bases?  It's going to look like everyone in the dungeon is carrying raw earth and grass around.  Maybe, but I like consistency, and that's preferable to some having stone patterns and some having grass underfoot. 

There is a more practical reason, though.  It helps cover up other basing issues.  As you can see, these bases are hand fashioned. The grass breaks up the ragged edges of the base.  It also helps cover up the little holes that invariable form when a standard washer meets a figure with an irregularly shaped footprint that doesn't quite cover up the 'donut hole' in the washer.


  1. These look good. I've never found a way to make all my miniatures match all the terrain I've got. Anyone that complains, can provide the models and terrain for the next game.

  2. Bingo! There was a time that I pooh-poohed people who just left their bases one color or explicitly painted them up as gaming pieces. "It breaks the visual appeal," but as a more mature wargamer, I see it as an unsolvable problem. There simply isn't a good solution that will solve every aspect of the situation.

    The clear acrylic bases come close, but even those have drawbacks - who wants pieces that look like they are hovering eighteen inches off the ground?

    So long as some thought and effort is put into the bases, it's good enough for this grognard.


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