Monday, November 28, 2016

Miniature Monday: Twin Fighters

When you order a pair of random packs of adventurers from, you run the risk of finding a few doubles in your bags. Good.  That's what creativity is for. A little paint, scrape off a gubbin here or there, and your twins might look a lot alike, but they won't be identical. Shields are always a joy, especially the flat ones that give you a blank canvas as a starting point.

Some day I'll get the nerve to try weapon swaps on 15mm figures.  They just seem so tiny I don't trust myself to handle it right.


  1. I ordered one of those adventurer packs from during the Black Friday (te skirmishers one I think). I hope there isn't duplicates on that.

    1. If you get 16 figures from 14 poses, you're guaranteed at least two duplicates!

  2. I'm working from two packs ordered and shipped separately, so it wasn't unexpected.

  3. The guys running that outfit run a tight ship. If you're really worried about it, you can always shoot them an email.


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