Monday, November 7, 2016

Miniature Monday: Wizards

I may have posted a couple of these guys way back before my fall hiatus. Here is the current crop of wizards available for delving the depths of Castle Meatgrinder.  Players now have a choice of a death mage or necromancer, a starry mage, and a snake wizard suitable for fighting hairy barbarians with Austrian accents.

If this seems like slim pickings, take heart!  There are more spellcasters waiting in the slopes of the lead mountain.


  1. There is a fair selection of wizards, Magi, and magic users, to use and to get! I may have to use your advice a just get them as a Christmas present to ME! :)

  2. These look very nice. I'm lazy so would just paint a single model and have my players use their imagination.


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