Monday, December 3, 2012

Meditank Complete

Wampas got you down?  Spent the night inside a Taun Taun?  Maybe Dad just hacked off your lightsabre arm.  Whatever has you down, this little number will fix you right up. Filled with the finest nano-enhanced bio-regenerative slime, this medical tank is a must have for all deep spacers.

This is a case of making a virtue of necessity.  For the life of me, I couldn't get the dark green paint to take.  After five coats, it still looked really streaky.  So I rolled with it.  Bright green paint on the bottom darkens towards the top, and all those places where the paint looks lighter now look like an extension of the flare effect of the slime inside the tank.  A splash of yellow brightens the piece and makes the bottom look even brighter.


  1. My first thought upon seeing the photos was "that turned out really cool - better than if it had been left clear I think."

    If you hadn't told us, I never would have guessed it was due to a fortunate accident.

  2. It looks superb, a problem turned itself into a bonus.