Sunday, January 10, 2016


I've had these lovely little frog-men painted up for weeks, but just hadn't had time to photograph and post them.  Sculpted by the talented Eli Arndt, these stocky fellows have landed smack in the middle of The Ion Age, where they are sure to make a splash.  These are some of the most characterful 15mm figures I've yet painted.  Something about that big chin and sneering fish-face just makes me love these little guys.

I tried to blend their chins a light blue to contrast with the greenish hue of their skin, but aside from being a little lighter, it didn't work out to quite the effect I'd hoped.  It'll do.

Comparing these photos to the professional ones done on the sculptor and seller website it occurs to me that my painting style works a lot better on the big 28mm figures.  The close up shots of these guys reveal all the little spatters and outside the line blotches that you don't see in-game.  I'm okay with that.  My limited time and old man eyes have forced a bit of a shift in priorities on me, but it's a shift I can live with.


  1. Excellent work Warren, don't be hard on yourself for the painting. You are better than I! The Prang are due on The Ion Age really soon, in fact in less than a week really. Eli is working on a whole ruddy army of them for later in 2016 too.


  2. They look good to me. 15mm is certainly tricky to photograph.

  3. They look great to me. I think you did my little frog dudes justice.

  4. Thank you, gents, you're too kind.