Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sci-Fi Scatter: The Embiggening

As mentioned previously, the electrical aisle of your local hardware store is a great place to find little bitty odd shaped things that belong in your bits box.  Today, I want to show you how I turned a few of these bitty bits into a decent smattering of scatter terrain.  First up, the raw materials, and what they will become in the hands of a hack wargamer.

Concrete bench supports

Trash cans

Vending machines
It's not hard to see how the trash cans work; the only real addition is a bit of glue and sand inside them to represent trash.  The vending machines only need to be glued to a decent base.  For the park bench supports, I just glued a single strip of cardstock across the top of three of them.  This way they will look like concrete slabs, which will tie into the rest of my terrain.  Here's a shot of the lot of them pre-basecoat.

That big wood and plastic thing is a modern day statue or War Memorial built out of basswood strips and based on a large washer.  We'll come back to that in a bit.  First, let's look at the results following a decent paintjob.
Benches with trash cans

Vending machine fronts

Vending machine sides
For the vending machines, I've gone with more Nuka Cola and Buy 'N Large, to tie them into the billboards posted a week or so ago.  The green one is a Soylent Green vending machine and the far right one serves up delicious Slurm!

Back to the War Memorial.  The right paint job turns it into solid green marble slabs, in this case it just takes a bit of stippling with three colors of green, and a bit of feathering in white veins.  After the dullcoat, I brushed on a gloss varnish, to give it that highly polished look.

And there you have it.  Eight more pieces of life saving cover for your cowards to hide behind.


  1. Excellent! this has given me plenty of ideas, thanks very much!

  2. Excellent! this has given me plenty of ideas, thanks very much!

  3. Great stuff. I'm going to have to go look for some of those push in wire connectors. I've already got a pile of the staples from our home renovation.

    Thanks for sharing.