Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Furniture

Various bits and bobs slapped together make a mighty fine med-tank.  This is the first piece of furniture for what my daughter has taken to calling my space-doll-house.  ("But Daddy, it has a kitchen and everything!) It's not a doll house, it's miniature wargame terrain, and they aren't dolls, they are action figures.  Sheesh.
You probably recognize the black base; it's just a standard hex-base for 28mm miniatures. The clear tube is the top from a hairspray bottle, the vertical tubes are spaghetti noodles, and the yellow bit is the cap to a superglue bottle.  I've been generating a lot of those lately.  It would be nice to leave the clear plastic unpainted, but I'm not sure how well that's going to work out.  Do I spray coat the whole thing and scrape off what I don't need, or skip the spray coat and just basecoat in black with a brush?  Any advice from you folks about in internetlandia?


  1. A bit late now, but my best bet would be to paint the components before sticking them together. This one could be a fuel tank if painted.

  2. Depends on if you are going to leave the tank clear or not. I Like the copper wire it should stay perhaps paint the rest in a suitable retro pink or blue scheme perhaps.

  3. Thanks for the thoughts. I'll probably just spray the whole thing in white base coat, and if I can get it off the tank that's fine. If not, I'll paint it to look like it contains a suitably 'sciency' bright green goo. Although the pink-slime smacks of a Matrix sort of tank, I'll have to see what works.

  4. It might be a bit fiddly to fit between your spaghetti uprights, but if it were me I'd probably try cutting masking tape to size and covering your clear plastic with that before spray painting.

    Also just a note that although they look cool I don't use pasta pieces in terrain making anymore since one day I had a mouse chew a lot of terrain up. (My house isn't totally infested with vermin - living on the edge of town we just get the occasional mouse. Also, the terrain was sealed with first glue and then paint so I didn't think it would have any scent to it - apparently I was wrong.)


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