Sunday, July 8, 2012

Monsters on the Prowl: Manticores

As we trundle along, merrily throwing alien after alien at the hapless human intruders, it's always nice to pause and add a little sumpin sumpin to the lists of the fantasy dungeon.  Why not some twin manticores to spice things up?

DN58 - Manticore
 These ugly mugs can be found in Pendraken's Dungeon Monster line.

They aren't that big compared to the humans, but with that uncanny valley face, they're still pretty intimidating.


  1. Manticores are related to Goblins by a Common Indoeuropean Root (Mer-). It probably means they are related to the Barghest (a Goblin in Dog Form).

  2. Cheerful little devils :P
    BTW, don't know if you'll be interested but Warrior miniatures also sell 10mm sci-fi. Just rediscovered them and thought you might be interested

  3. They look great, nice bases as well

  4. I do like this figure - so reminiscent of ELP's Tarkus album sleeve.
    Have two of them myself and just waiting for the time to do them justice.

  5. @Maixmillian - Yeah, I'm planning on picking up some of those Warrior minis dragons some time.


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