Monday, July 9, 2012

Awful Green Things

These Pendraken alien creatures are normally painted black for reasons obvious to anyone who has ever seen the movie Alien or Aliens or so on and so forth.  Not me though - I'm a rebel. (Slight pause here for me to give a firm Barney Fife sniff and hoist up my belt buckle.)  My alien critters are green for three reasons:

1.  Green shows up really well on the reddish battlefield.

2. It gives the aliens a unique and cohesive look - I already
painted the marines black and gray, but no other
faction has green as a primary color.

3. Someday I hope to make a 3D "Awful Green Things" board using
a collection of 10mm miniatures and these are perfect for that.
The paint job looks a bit off here because I started with bright green and shaded up to dark green.  Then I lightly hit them with a dark purple and finally a dusting of bright white.  That brings out all the textures, but without clothing, they tend to look like greenish blobs.  To compensate, I painted the spines and tailbones white - that helps distinguish the ass from the elbows a bit.

The real problem here is that these guys have no real faces - just a blank slate.  That more than anything makes it hard to tell front from back.  Not a huge deal, these are aliens after all, so we're gonna roll with it.

This is three of the medium alien packs from Pendraken - I'll have queens and babies for you tomorrow along with a size comparison.

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  1. They look great, theres no rule on the colours of 'Aliens' In the AVP2 game, some where red, the Pred Alien a khaki green colour.


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