Monday, July 2, 2012

Storage Doh!

Remember how this blog is called "War In a Box"?  Remember how the point is to squeeze a full game into a small box that fits under the bed?  Yeah, let's talk about that for a second.  The square terrain tiles stack up higher than expected.  By the time you stack up the hills and buildings...

There no room for the hab modules.  You can squeeze all the tiles in if you flip over the tallest one (containing the actual colony base), but that runs the risk of damaging it in transport.  Gonna have to find a way to pack it with foam.

The problem at this point is that I was counting on having room for a smaller box to protect the figures from rattling around during transport.  I'm just gonna have to use a lot of smaller figure boxes rather than the stnadard compartmental boxes.  It should be easier to squeeze more small boxes in between the buildings.

That or I could find a storage box with a bottom 12" by 24" bottoms.


  1. Doh! Slightly bigger box perhaps?

  2. Indeed. I've found storage boxes that have a base 12-inches by 24-inches. Since I'm on a pretty tight budget I have to decide if it's worth sacrificing the miniatures you could get for the same cost as a new box. Probably not, but it depends on how everything fits into the box at the end of the project. For now I'm just protecting the buildings on the colony with a bit of tissue so it doesn't get scraped.


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