Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Space Dwarf Platoon

Thirty infantry and two light mechs.  That's a good sized force for a game.  In addition to the mechs, this force has six heavy weapon troops, four squad leaders, and a platoon leader.

Thinking about it, one of those three rifleman attached to the command squad would make a good communications officer.  That's going to require some green-stuff for a comm back-pack.  This looks like a great time to step up my conversion game.  This force could use some crew served weapons, too, so there's another opportunity for green stuff and one of a kind figure conversions.  Anybody know how many crew served weapons is reasonable for a platoon like this?

This force contains space dwarves from three different manufacturers.  Here's a comparison shot:

Rebel, Hasslefree,
As you can see, the figures are a bit bigger than Rebel's, but they are the command squad, so they should be.  They are also more beardy than Rebel's dwaves, but that's a good thing, too.  Those rebel figures are the right size for dwaves, but suited up they could be anything.  Having some actual beards sown in the mix helps establish the character of the force.

Now, about those mangalorcs...


  1. They look great mate as force. Those Rebel Dwarves are awesome ;)

  2. Nice colours, closer pics please.

  3. Sorry but for me it's a No, the Rebel Minis lads are too diminutive, and given they're enclosed in enviro-suits they should be much bulkier than the 'naked' barefaced Command Squad.

    Think substituting them with Micropanzers Gitungi, under the Gitungi enviro-armour there could be anything, even a Space Dwarf!


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