Monday, July 8, 2013

Space Dwarf Specialists

Now we're getting to the fun stuff for my son's space dwarves.  They've now got a command squad to go with the four regular squads.  These six figures are part of's line of Space Vikings.  The great thing about is that, unlike most manufacturers in the 15mm scale, they sell just about all of their figures in single packs.  Which means you can get a six man command squad with just the right mix of figures, like these.  There are tons of figures out there that I'd love to have, but will probably never get because I'd wind up with three to nine useless figures.  Shame really.

Another manufacturer that sells single figures, and bless them for it, is Hasslefree.  Of course, they sell the big-25's, so it's not such a big deal.  What is a big deal is their extensive range of big-25 space dwarves which includes dwarves in power armor with mix-and-match arms.  These guys are perfect for 15mm scale mechs.  That big chest cavity is the perfect size for a 15mm dwarf pilot, and the proportions are stubby - just the sort of thing you'd expect from dwarves.

Mech I, on the left, is an assault specialist with heavy chain-fist and pistol.  He can slip through narrow alleys to get close enough to rip open all but the heaviest armored vehicles.  If there aren't any narrow alleys, that chain-fist can make one using the nearest building for raw materials.

The figure on the right, Mech II, is the heavy support.  The twin mounted heavy gatling guns can deal with most vehicles and lay down a heavy covering fire that should keep all but the bravest and dumbest ground-pounders face down in the dirt.  The left hand is available for fine work like flipping light vehicles, knocking down small trees, and chucking enemy soldiers into the next county.  Good times.

Looks like the Mangalorcs have their work cut out for them.

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  1. Huzzah these look great, Will have to check out these Space Vikings as i'm in the mood for some 15mm figs at the minute :D


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