Sunday, August 17, 2014

Back on the Horse With Some Fields

The single most important tool in a wargaming arsenal is probably one of the more over-looked - the humble table.  The last thirteen months Team Abox lived in a dingy and tiny little rental house while saving up for a mortgage.  Last month that dream came true, and my realtor (of all people), had an older table that she donated to the cause.

Short story even shorter: I'm back.

Let's kick off the new house and table with a simple all-purpose project.  Farm fields are nice little universal terrain feature that work well with fantasy, historical, and even far flung future projects.  Everybody has to eat.
Not sure how well that carved balsa wood wall will look
once painted.  May have to hid some seams and end caps
with carefully placed vines.
The figures are Rebel Miniatures.  The fences are basic
green scrubber hedges and cut balsa.
Three variations on a theme make for variety while
tying everything together on the table.

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