Saturday, August 30, 2014

Song of Sticks and Fat Fingers

Fat fingers?  Not me - I actually have tiny little girl hands, which serves a modeler like me well when it comes to putting together fiddly bits of terrain and figures.  Fiddly bits like these measuring sticks for the Song of... series.  

Fat fingers or no, sometimes you want tight packed terrain, and getting a full blown ruler into the nooks and crannies can require moving terrain around or hovering your ruler eight inches off the table.  That's where these little numbers come in - the little handle lets you plop them down into just about anywhere.

Simple basswood sanded and cut to fit, start to finish these were built in about a third of a Spiderman movie.  Thought about making two sets, but why?  Only one person needs to measure at a time, and the "passing of the sticks" is a great way to signal the end of  a turn.

Now if I can only find time in this three day weekend to try them out...

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