Saturday, May 23, 2020

The Joy of Wargaming - The Pilot

The online wargaming world features a dearth of wargaming videos that feature smaller and more quirky fare.  The Youses and he Tubeses and the Twitches have plenty of chubby beard-o weird-o's uploading hours of content dedicated to the 800-pound gorilla games.  Some of those channels are even pretty good, and my personal favorite the 800-pound gorilla of wargaming channels, Guerilla Miniature Games, even dips down into the Osprey ranges often enough to keep me checking in on a regular basis.

To help close that gap in the line, I've started my own channel - a way of giving back to the community from which I have learned so much.  The Joy of Wargaming will feature a host of topics, including play-throughs, rule reviews, unboxings, and my own favorite feature, Painting Alone Together, in which I slap some paint on my figures and throw some observations, tips, and commentaries along the way. 

With plans to post every other day, and a focus on the niche corners of this niche hobby, it is a niche corner in the niche wargaming corner of this niche tabletop hobby.  And of course, we'll still be throwing shots and posts up here at the home office for those of you that are more reader than viewer.  If you're looking for somebody to keep you company during your own painting sessions, give it a shot.

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