Thursday, May 28, 2020

Tortugastra Interior Decorating Start

My 15mm space station nears completion.  Of sorts.  This is the sort of project that begs for little details.  Take a look at the bar and lounge area shown here.  It's ready for gaming with all the final cover in place and painted, but it still needs some curtains behind the stage, posters for local synthwave bands on the walls, and a decent rack of booze behind the bar.
The rest of the station is waiting for this sweet haul of loot from GCMinis and Khurasan to get painted up and fixed permanently in place.  

Before permanent installation, I dry-fit the naked terrain in place just to make sure that everything looked good and that I knew where it would all live at the end of the day.  As you can see, the place is really starting to come to life!

I did have a bit of salvaged terrain already dumped in place, and some more kitbashed works in progress, but you'll have to wait for those.  Full details on the construction of this lovely terrain will be provided on my Joy of Wargaming videos in the coming weeks.

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