Wednesday, May 2, 2012

D&D w/Porn Stars Challenge: Accepted!

Zak S over at D&D With Porn Stars unilaterally designated May 29 to be International Anklebiter Illustrator Day.  To whit:
1. Locate a child.
2. Locate two one-dollar bills or the local equivalent.
3. Explain patiently to the child that you--a dungeon master or otherwise appointed administrator of a substantial swath of fictional space--are desirous of illustrations.
4. Explain to the child that you are contracting him or her to provide such imagery at a page rate of 1 dollar per page.
6. After acquiring their informed consent, give them the specific assignments:The first drawing can be anything you, the GM, want--you can take a crappy town you drew and ask the child to redraw it better, you can describe a treasure the child needs to create and detail, you can have the child make a dungeon map of their own design. It is none of my concern so long as it fulfills a need in your campaign. The second drawing, however, must be a displacer beast.
8. Upload such work as is produced onto the internet on May 29th.
11. You have my permission to republish this message on your own blog. In fact, if you intend to participate or would like others to do so, I encourage it.
I actually had the two bucks squirreled away and was able to cajole the anklebiter  that runs my house (Lenore, age 7) into spending an evening as a member of the productive class.  I'm now sitting on two illustrations scheduled to be posted on May 29.  In the spirit of the thing, I'm doing everything I can think of to delay paying as long as possible.  She threatened to sic her legal team (Mom and De Boss LLP) involved.  This could get ugly.

Feel free to jump in - the water's fine.

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