Tuesday, May 29, 2012

D&D w/Porn Stars Challenge: Complete!

Zak S over at D&D With Porn Stars unilaterally designated today International Anklebiter Illustrator Day.  In honor of this fine day I commissioned the illustrious and illustratory Lenore (age 7) to produce two pieces of illustration, one a scene from our current Rules Compendium Campaign, and the other the requisite displacer beast.
Two characters (Pierce the fighter and Annie the Cleric) in an action
packed battle against two skeletons in a cave.  One of them is a
skeleton king wielding a magic scepter.

A displacer beast.  With a grape on its back.  That
wasn't in the original specs, but I didn't tell her
NOT to include a grape on its back, so what
can you do?
In the grand old tradition of editors everywhere, I forgot to pay her.  Then I tried to delay payment until the date of publishing, but she wouldn't have it.  I explained the cash flow problem inherent in small press publishing and in low readership blogging, but she wasn't swayed.  When I finally threatened to withhold payment until she issued an invoice on her corporate letterhead she called in her legal representation: that would be the firm of Mother, Mom, and Wife LLP.  The cost of fighting that legal battle was more than I could justify, so I grudgingly paid her, thanked her, and asked if she could do a few more pieces for me pro bono - while I'm out of money, I explained that I could get her a lot of free exposure.

She wasn't interested.  What a prima donna.

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  1. Skeleton King armed with a scepter? Smells Like a Lich to Me...


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