Monday, May 7, 2012

The Dungeon: Level 6 - The Brutes

These may look like natural stone caverns, but they were called forth from the twisted imagination of the DungeonGod the same as any other level in this madhouse.  One indication of this is that even though the walls are rough stone, with stalactites hanging from above, the floor is a fine level sand.  It provides excellent traction for cloven hooved creatures with enormous horns to build up a full head of steam in order to gore their foes.

And the minotaurs who dominate this area love nothing more than to do just that.  The key to making this level challenging is the speed of its denizens (the ogres are the slowest) and the combined arms style of fighting.  This map shows the main resting areas for each type of monster, but they move throughout the whole cave system.  Each room may contain any combination of the three inhabitants, and a fight in one area will draw additional brutes within a few rounds.
The Dungeon: Level 6 - The Brutes

[Updated May 18, 2012:  Fixed the link between this map and Level 7 for consistency.]

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