Monday, January 21, 2013

Lock Up Your Sons

Meet the Electric Knights, my daughter's Not-romunda "gang".  She picked the colors, the font for the bases, and named them all.

While trimming the old leader's pistol down, things went south, and I had to make a new one.  So I pressed a Laserburn crew member with a law officer head into service.  Until I find a decent rifle to replace it, unlucky 13 there is unarmed and useless.
Leader on the left, heavy on the right.

Khurusan's Grave Monitor Crew.

Rebel Mini's MERCs.
As the campaign stand, the Knight's leader is being held captive by the Mangalorcs, and the heavy (#2, Boom-Boom Betty) has stepped up to lead until these lovely ladies can mount a rescue mission.


  1. Nice work sir! Love the name of the gang.

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  3. The painted Electric Knights look great. I especially like how the Khurusan figures turned out! (ack! I need to learn to type - my first comment on this post was gibberish.)


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