Monday, January 28, 2013

Most Boring Gang Yet

Rebel Mini's BioHazard Zombie Hunters are great sculpts with a lot of potential, and at $6.50 for a full 12-man gang, too hard a temptation to resist.  As it stands, this pack gives me a shooter force in body suits armed with only a couple of pistols (can you say "House Van Saar" boys and girls?  I knew you could).  No leaders or heavies, but that's okay - that's what Khurasan's Hazmat Suited figures are for.  Once I score those babies we're looking at less than twelve bucks for a full 17-man gang.

Man, it would have been nice to go crazy and paint those suits in multi-colored flames or something way outside the ordinary, but you never know what the future brings.  Boilerplate yellow leaves the door open for future modern day anti-zombie games.  The only nod to personality made is the colored hoods.  It may be boring, but it's functional, and sometimes that's worth the sacrifice.


  1. hmmm I Like those alot, might need to get me some of these guys.

  2. They might have been boring to paint but they do look good none the less. I also find Van Saar fun to play in a campaign (second to Orlocks).

    1. Don't get me wrong - it wasn't the painting that was boring, it's the color scheme. Everybody and his cousin has painted up figures like this in bright yellow, so it would be more fun to 'color outside the lines' so to speak. Fun, but not practical, and when you're dealing with limited budgets, figures you can use in more than one genre mean more fun for your buck.

  3. They work well as Van Saar, nice little sculpts


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