Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Pocket Battlefield

Calling this roughly 2-foot by 3-foot mat "pocket" stretches the definition, but it surely is portable.

Nothing really special here, just a heavy canvas bolt of cloth dusted with three different dark colors of spray paint.  Although, I'd be remiss if I didn't give a lot of credit to the lovely and talented Mrs. Abox for sewing up the edges of the battlefield to keep the canvas from fraying.  She did that after the spraypaint, too, at serious risk of gunking up her sewing machine.  Now that would have put a damper on future gaming for a few weeks, let me tell you what.

Oh, and the rivers and pond are made from a nice shiny satin cloth.  Unlike the mat itself, the waterways are best stored all wadded up and jammed into the box.  If you fold them neatly, they don't get those little ripples that make it look like shimmering water.

We've been using the water as slow going (half movement), which slows things up.  The board is going to need at least one ground level bridge, if not an accessible ford or two.

I'm also thinking about spray painting some permanent roadways on the mat, too.  Raised roads won't fit in the One Box To Hold It All, so maybe just put roads on one side of the mat to give another option?  At this point, I like being able to roll up the mat so the paint is all on the inside and not rubbing up against the buildings.  A second coat on the underside might smudge up the rest of the terrain.  Must cogitate further  - anybody have any advice on that score?

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