Saturday, March 28, 2015

End of the Undead

The Army of the Necromancer King is complete.  Long unlive the King.

Click for the full glory of the Necromancer King's Army.
The One Hour Wargame rules require at most six units on the field.  Before each scenario, you roll to see what forces you have available.  For medieval armies that means up to 4 knights, and up to 2 heavy foot, up to 2 light foot, and up to 2 bowmen.  Which means you need to have a full ten units available before play.

While painting up these figures, it was a little worrying that there weren't enough dudes per base to look like a proper army.  Now that they are fully assembled, it looks like there was no need to worry.  On the table it looks like a sizable force after all.  Much better than the three men representing a block of troops you see in most 15mm armies.

And they all fit into a single blue tub for ease of storage and transport.

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