Saturday, March 14, 2015

One Hour Wargames Knights...ish

All this talk of D&D lately, nothing gets the creative juices flowing like an ongoing campaign.  But there's a full box of Heroics and Ros medieval figures(and terrain!) sitting on my shelf, untouched until I get this undead army completely painted, based, and all boxed up.  I've been a very good boy not cracking it open to see what's inside.  I've also got another 10% of the undead army completed this week.

Idle thoughts:

  • Using basswood for the bases has resulted in some visible warping.  This base bows up the middle a bit.  I'm okay with that.  It just looks like a small rise.
  • That base still looks a little light on the figures to me.  At a ratio of 1:10 it gives me the ability to field a 200 man unit of knights.  That's enough for a minor clash.  With these rules, that's enough.
  • This base represents a relatively lightly armed crew - one of the artifacts of cobbling together a full force using two different Irregular Army Packs.  The others should have more heavily armored horses and their lines should be dressed more professionally.  But these work just fine.  No one will mistake them for peasant rabble at any rate.

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