Thursday, March 26, 2015

Last Knight, In The Bushes...

It is (almost) done.  The undead army for use with Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames rules now has 10 full painted units and can take the field in any scenario.  The last two units of knights just need a protective coat and they can take to the box until the human army is painted up.  And the roads.  And the rivers.  And the town.  But hey, I'm halfway done and it's only a quarter of the way through the year - I'm way ahead of schedule.

Knight 4 on the left with a dark rider leader, and knight 3 on the right with a
second traitorous human captain.

While bushing up the knight bases, I figured why not do a couple of terrain bases and finish off the rest of the army.  Here's a comparison of the woods with and without bushes.
Before - bland.

After - subtle, but a little more character
Left to right: Bows, levy, and man-at-arms.

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