Monday, March 16, 2015

One Hour Wargame Cheat Sheet

The two big downsides that I see with Neil Thomas' One Hour Wargames are 1.) it requires hit tracking, and 2.) it isn't one set of rules...well, it is one set of rules, but it's reskinned for use with nine separate eras.  The great thing about these beefs is that they have the same solution - Cheat Sheet!

I ain't gonna use no hit counters on my nicely painted and based and terrained up figures, I'll tell you what.  Dice counters? Wound caps?  Chits?  Pshaw!  I'll use a roster on a separate piece of paper if that's what it takes to keep the battlefield clear of clutter.

Nine rulesets fleshing out the same skeletal rules seems like a great way to lose track of whether this game is the one where missile weapons do 1d6+2 or 1d6-2.  Keeping a handy cheat sheet handy will help the rules fresh.

It'd be great to show you the whole darn roster, but the half page sheet I whipped up includes all of the rules, so it's probably a violation of copyright law to show you more than this heavily redacted snapshot.  Sorry 'bout the tease.

Oh!  Hey!  I owe you some better shots of the figures from this past weekend.  I checked the shots out at work and hoo-boy, did they not turn out well at all.  Sorry 'bout that, too.


  1. Great minds think alike! I was working on very much the same, as well as scenario cheat sheets, although keeping them unlinked. I've found that the scenarios work very well for Battletech game set-ups.

    If you're done, mind sharing them privately? I do have the book in my grubby hands. :)

  2. I just have the one for Medieval - that's the only era I'm prepping to play so far. Shoot me an email, and I'll send you what I've got.


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