Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Scraping the Bottom of The Lead Pile

Rebel Minis makes these slick little gunfighters called Titan Scouts.

Kind of.  The three figs on the right are untouched savr by the loving caress of a paint brush.  The pack comes with two sets of three poses, and since I am building more of a lite RPG collection, that simply won't do.

Modding 15mm figs takes a keen eye and a cool hand.  Which is why I limit myself to head and weapon swaps.  Rebel's line is more of a hard sci-fi line-up, so I amputated the swords and  a lefheads fromtover dark elf.  The tall fella in the center is one of the dark elves with a bald head and goggles and a pistol for that crucial space opera vibe. 

And don't worry about my lead pile.  I've got a lot of terrain bits to work with, and more figs on the way. Wait'll you see the new ground I have in mind for these fellas to fight over.

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  1. Very nice work, hitting the bottom of the pile, sounds like it's time to buy more Minis! :D


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