Saturday, March 10, 2012

First Three Sewer Tiles

Enough of the playing coy with the goods.  Here's the very first terrain board.  If you look close, you can spot the two examples of textures that I used in the last blog post.  You're looking down the long axis of a corridor three squares wide with a sewage channel running down the center.  

That channel present a nice obstacle for the heroic little mans.  One way to keep each dungeon distinct is to present unique challenges and give the players some reason to think tactically.  That channel forces them to pick a side or maybe split their forces.  At one square, they may be able to jump across it, but failure means bigger trouble than ever.

From start to finish, the construction of this tile required about an hour of effort.  I've since completed two more tiles, and they took about the same amount of time.  One hour for a long and elaborate hallway plus three rooms isn't that bad of a pace.

Today's lovely parting shots are of all three terrain tiles laid out in just two of the possible combinations.  As always, click on the picture for a bigger view.

These are going to look so sharp I'm tempted to start painting right now, but that would be a mistake.  I need to build one more tile to have enough space for all of those filthy minions of the Rat King.

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