Friday, March 9, 2012

Sewers of Cornerstone Keep

With the construction plan in place, or at least as in place as its going to get until it meets first contact with the enemy, we can now set about building the first dungeon tiles.  I'll spare you the details on the campaign background for now - it's enough to say that we are building a sewer system that will be populated by the contents of Pendraken's Rat King's Lair Dungeon Pack.

Before we get into that, though, one of the things to point out is the necessity for layers in a project like this.  Here's a great example of using the 2mm matte board for the basic tiles and cereal box cardboard for thinner tiles to add texture to a tile:

Those cardboard steps don't amount to a full fledged change in elevation, but the little drop adds a bit of depth and hence visual appeal to the board.

Here's another example of layers for texture.  I cut a 'hole' in four of the 2mm tiles and capped it with a washer cut from cereal box cardboard.  Before putting the ring in place, I glued a couple of cross cut pieces of spaghetti for grating.  There are four 'layers' here (base, bars, floor, and ring) to break up the monotony of the flooring.

These little details will give me more surfaces and edges to highlight and really make the hallways of this terrain jump out.  Next time we'll look at three of the tiles post-contruction and pre-painting.

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