Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Irregular Minis, Now With Added Paint

This first batch was ordered to add a few heavily armored figures to the player character options, but they just didn't have enough personality for it.  Instead I painted them as the local town guard NPCs.  That would be a black tower on a golden field on the shields.
TC27 - Crusader/Feudal Dismounted Knights 
The last dwarf I painted was dressed in blue, and I figured these guys might as well come from the same town.  Hence, the same colors.  Hopefully the beards and shields give them enough individual personality.
TFAN9 on the right, TFAN7 on the left.

About face.


  1. Really nice painting.
    I've always stayed clear of Irregular Miniatures as they don't look much on their website but you have changed my opinion.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. They don't have as much character as other manufaturers, but for line troops in massed battles they look great. And it's a bit of a cliche at this point to say they don't look so hot but paint up great, but it really is true. Maybe I'll cobble together some pre- and post-paint images to show how much they improve.