Sunday, March 25, 2012

Demi-Humans, Part the First

This is the last of the Copplestone Heroes pack TM10.  Each guy has so much character, they really were a joy to paint.  Here are two different dwarf styles - one rugged outdoor type and a more urban armored stunty.  The dwarf in blue is now the only heavily armored figure in my arsenal, a fact which begs remedy.  Those purplish dots on the elven bow were made with a toothpick.

My one complaint on the Copplestone pack is that there were no ladies among them.  Frankly, there's a dearth of decent female figures in 10mm.  Pendraken has one plus a bunch of amazons that won't see this family man's table any time soon, and that's about it.  Some of the elves can serve, but it'd be nice to see a few more blatantly feminine figures.  My daughter isn't going to want to have to use a guy with a beard to represent her warrior knight-ess.

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  1. This post brings up a point that has been a real problem for me as well. My teen age daughter is not the least bit pleased about the selection of 10mm female figures available for use during our D&D sessions!

    In my case, I did resort to using some of the 10mm Amazon and Witch Elf figures, selectively filing them down a bit and painting clothing on them. Even with that done, they still don't look respectable at all, unfortunately.

    I've had a bit better luck using the female beggar models from Pendraken and filling in the ragged holes in their clothing with putty so they don't look so ratty. That gave us female models that are at least decently clothed, but they still don't look particularly heroic, unfortunately.

    (And speaking of using putty to patch up models - I don't buy that hideously expensive Green Stuff. I use caulking. It isn't as rigid as Green Stuff, but it serves fine for the limited conversions I do.)