Friday, March 16, 2012

Adventures in the Great (and Tiny) Outdoors

As promised, the outdoor tiles are complete.  The rivers don't line up nearly as well as hoped, but they do provide tactical, interest to each board.  Here you can see a 1-tile offset, hardly the end of the world.
No flocking on these boards - it would look HUGE!
If you need a wide open space, you can arrange the tiles like so:

Give me land, lots of land...
That would be a really boring battle, though, so the next stage of the project is to build trees, rocks, logs, fences(?), and other things to block movement and line of site.

Close up of the shallow ford.
This shot also shows what you get when you drybrush over shallow impressions in the boards.  In the first two photos, the grid lines disappear in the random ground cover pattern.  You need to look close to spot the grid, but when you look for the straight lines, they jump right out at you.

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