Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Remember two days ago when I said there was something off about the Tomb of the Tiny Pharoah?  I figure out what it was.  I wanted more contrast between the nice tile work and the dirty side halls, but couldn't quite figure out how to achieve that.  My wife was working on one of her crafts when it hit me.  The nice rooms should have bright polished floors.  Like this:
See how that back room reflects the bright summer sky?  That's the effect that this terrain needed.  Here's a shot of the full dungeon that really shows off the contrast.
That effect was done using a craft adhesive called Diamond glaze.  This stuff right here:

It worked so well on the floors that I couldn't pass up using it on the water portions of my outdoor tiles, too.

Now that's shiny in both the literal and Firefly senses of the word.

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  1. I like the gloss effect on your water pieces. I know that there are bottles of plastic pellets that model railroading people use to cover their water terrain, but I never felt like messing with melting the stuff before use. Plus, it's kind of pricey. I'll have to look into the Diamond Glaze - thanks for the tip!