Saturday, February 2, 2013

Two Dollar Jungle Templates

At long last, the Abox clan can rumble in the jungle.  The local craft store chain is selling some sort of plastic plant doo-hickeys for about a buck, and two of them are enough to make a slew of jungle stands.  In this case, I've mounted the plants themselves on individual washers so that they can be moved out of the way for miniatures entering the woods dark and deep.

These are going into the boy's big box of Warhmmer 40K stuff, to help round out his collection.  The plants are probably a little too big for practical use with my own beloved fifteens, but those tall spindly beggers could easily be cut down to size to make three times as many tree stands.  I've got something else lined up for the One Box of sort-of-Necromunda-but-not-really.  A dozen or so tree for a buck!  Stay tuned, true believers.  Excelsior!


  1. Nice work, I keep looking for things like this to make my own jungle but can't seem to drop on them like everyone else does.

  2. Indeed. It's easy to find this stuff, but most of it costs way more than you really want to spend. If I'm going to drop ten bucks on plants, I'll just buy mini specific plants from a manufacturer.

  3. I admit that model railroading trees and the like can look very nice on the tabletop, but in my book coming up with your own terrain like this is more enjoyable and provides a unique look. One of my favorite things about this blog is seeing what you've come up with and using your ideas as inspiration for my own projects.


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