Saturday, October 17, 2015

More 15mm Sci-Fi Figures

Hark!  The painting muse is upon me!

Three new figures from in the painted pile.  A civilian type alien, a grey dog or wolf, and an alien strongarm type.  The robed holy-alien will fill out crowds of civilians in urban/spaceport environs.  The dog was picked up for sentry duty.  The big guy?  Just another armed character.

His back plate served as a nice big canvas for some art, and in a fit of nostalgia he struck me as a former gunner for a Gunstar.  He probably mustered out of the Star League following the defeat of Xul and the Ko-Dan armada and now makes his way through the galaxy as hired muscle.

Here is the Star League's actual logo:  

Gotta get a t-shirt with this on it someday.  Now that every Tom, Dick, and Mary has a Captain America t-shirt, you have to go obscure like this to ferret out the geeky fellow-travelers.

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