Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rooftop Inspiration

Been daydreaming about a new Big Box of terrain specifically for the infiltration missions that are an expected part of Osprey's Black Ops rules.  The top of one building - maybe two connected by multiple walkways or leapable gaps - should be plenty big enough for a stealth mission.  Heck, the Fiat plant in Turin had a whole race track on top!

A large factory or data center gives you plenty of wide open space,
rough ground, and heavy cover.
Large A/C units provide heavy cover and come in all
shapes and sizes, from single units...
...to large multi-unit monstrosities.

...and to the unpracticed eye, the ventwork looks
pretty random.

A billboard mounted on the roof can serve triple duty as
cover, sniper nest, and gratuitous cheesecake. 
It doesn't have to be all black and gray - you can easily
block out smaller areas for rooftop gardens...
...and add multiple levels, skylights, "pits" leading down into
courtyards below to block movement. 
Every high-tech building worth infiltrating should have its own helicopter pad.
Rooftop access doors come in a variety of shapes
and styles as well.  Brick for the maintenance guys
and glass and steel for accessing the landing pad.
Mix and match to your heart's content.

Anybody ever seen a full table done this way before?  I looked, but didn't see anything in the usual forums.

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  1. Not seen a table done this way, so far. Did have similar thoughts thou. You could also have swimming pool. (I have seen the architectural proposal for an Ice rink on a roof as well. But was not built. But there could be one.)
    Solar panels, pigeon coops and years ago there was a wool mill in Leeds that was covered in grass on which sheep grazed. You could see it on the train pulling in to Leeds Railway station. Hope that gives you a few extra ideas.


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