Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Lead Pile Shrinketh

A long, long time ago, I painted up a few gangs for 15mm Necromunda games. One of the gangs consisted of GZG's space mercenaries. 

From the files

In order make a decent opposing force for my son's Space dwarves, I tried to add some power armor to the mix by converting up , and it didn't work.  Fortunately,'s Star Vikings make for a great match as the horns and blocky armor fit well with the space orc aesthetic.

Also, Baroka the Crime Lord is all painted up nice and tight. 

My yellow version looks much less menacing that the manufacturer's dark paint job.  This guy could almost be a kindly old mentor.  (Edit:  Looking at it again, I think I shall name him Diabeetus.)  I plan to use it as a bystander figure.

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