Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More 15mm Sci-Fi Goodness on the Way

Now with actual photos!

My game time is limited to those rare weekend afternoons when the "To Do List" is somewhat shorter than my disproportionately long forearms.  Painting, however, that can happen any night of the week.  Not only that, but my primary opponent is travelling the American wilderness for the next week.  Which means that you lucky readers are probably going to be seeing more painted figures before you see more battle write-ups.

 Not only that, but some new shiny goodness is headed for my inbox in the form of Osprey's Black Ops later this month, so my table is in need of a few more adventurer types to engage in some operations of the black variety.  From the sounds of things, you don't need a lot of figures, but it might be nice to have a few small security forces to take on the dashing crew of a tramp freighter - a Trader who has gone Rogue, you might say.

As a tease, have a gander at some shots of black primed and dry brushed white lumps of 15mm sci-fi goodness.  The manufacturers are even more eclectic than usual with representatives from Bombshell miniatures,'s HOF range, a squad of their Star Vikings for use as heavy armored Space Orcs, and I think a Khurasan figure or two as well.  That should tide me over long enough to get some more scatter terrain purchased and painted up - there are a lot of really nice vehicles out there on the market these days, and my roads are looking pretty empty...

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