Monday, October 12, 2015

Octopod Command Squad

These 15mm octopods from's HOF line were supposed to be three adventurer types, but after painting them up, I couldn't resist buying another pack of ten to make a full team.  Those are still in the mail, but will make for some nice grunts to round out this force.

Not sure the purple skin tone provides enough contrast with the (classically styled) orange jumpsuits. On the table the colors don't pop nearly as well as they do in the photos.  Those gold colors are getting better, though.  I've been trying some tricks observed at the Lead Adventure Forums, and it's paying off.

In the back of my mind, I'm think that my collection has enough character figures for now - what it really needs is security forces for those heroic characters to fight.  The same thing happened with the Prang.  Three are ready for paint, but will wait until the other seven arrive from the UK.  In the meantime, there are still another 20 figures in the immediate queue that need some color...

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