Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calling Major Tom

It's time for a big reveal of a little ship.  My latest and greatest project was partially inspired by the guys over on TheMiniaturesPage.com pimping Pocketmunda and partially inspired by the pictures inside the Starship Marine rules (pdf warning).

What you're looking at here is a starship that cost ten bucks to put together.  Two five dollar pieces of foamcore gave their lives to make this dandy little piece of gaming terrain.  It stands just a hair under 21" tall, so it should fit into a standard 40 quart plastic tub.

The original plan called for the walls and floors to snap together and come apart for ease of storage and transport, but the the 120-degree angle between wall pieces didn't turn out right.  (No compass and no protractor make Warren a dull boy.)  In order to get everything lined up right and sturdy enough for game play, I had to glue the whole shebang.

That figure standing over on the left hand side of the small middle floor is a 10mm Pendraken space minotaur.  But as a space minotaur, he stands roughly 15mm tall.  Convenient since this will be a 15mm terrain piece, and I don't actually have any 15mm figures yet.

The plan calls for a bridge on the top level, engines and a storage bay on the bottom floors with couches, gardens, TVs, a kitchen set, and all sorts of sci-fi-ish goodness sprinkled throughout.  Wish me luck - I'm gonna need it to keep my gamer ADD at bay.


  1. Looks good. Any thoughts on figures to get yet?

  2. Rather impressive build, will you be making several ships for boarding actions?

  3. I remember seeing the original Necromunda cutaway building in the pages of White Dwarf and thinking how cool it would be to game on terrain like that. Where you differ from the rest of us in actually stepping up and building the thing!

    Also, thanks for the link to the Starship Marine rules - I've added it to my list of games to try out. (-:


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