Thursday, November 22, 2012

Theme and Variation on Stairs

Among other things, I'm thankful for all of you who check in and make this blog worthwhile.  I've been in a gaming drought for a while, and this helps me feel like a member of the community.  I'm also thankful to live in a time when it is so easy to find so many different figures from so many different small businesses.  This morning I ordered two sets of figures for Major Tom's Spaceship from three different manufacturers on three different continents.  To a guy who cut his teeth on mimeographed* house-rules that's pretty amazing.

Here's the lazy man's way of building stairs:
1. Two bamboo skewers cut to size and glued in place.
2. Build the treads like so. One 2mm wide glued to a 5mm tread.
3. Glue the treads in place as shown.  This preserves line of
sight, and you can even wedge the little mans in place.
Figure for scale.
That's two of the staircases.  I also made one ramp (shown in the back right), and one traditional staircase.  It loses a little consistency, but the ramp provides more cover, and the stairs just plain look cool.  I think so right now, anyway.  I may go back and change it to make all the stairs the same, just to keep the retro-vibe going.

*Note to the under 30 crowd - Google it.


  1. I'm thinking that your "lazy man's way" of making terrain is still more work than most of us put into our terrain! (-;

    And I agree with Brummie - it's looking great!


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