Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Still in Virtual Orbital Drydock

It's interesting how one design choice leads to another.  The bridge of this ship is calling out for a Tardis-style control panel in the center.  That sets the theme and we're off and running with the circular wall motif on the bridge.  It might not be bigger on the inside, but this ship owes a little something to the Doctor.  Which bothers me not in the least - this thing should have homages to at least five classic sci-fi franchises by the time it's done.
The ladders are zip-ties cut to size and glued next to each other.  The notches that go zip when you use these should look like hand and foot holds after painting.

The kitchen is coming along.  It still needs a few free standing pieces of furniture, but those will have to wait until the initial paint job is done.  There just won't be any way to paint the fridge and cabinets with tables and chairs in the way.

Last shot of the night.  One thing I noticed in my research on sci-fi interior design is that you've got to have really wide molding on the floor.  The pipes and ducts are optional, but you don't see a lot of walls joining floors at a ninety-degree angle.  My version is cardstock, bamboo skewers, and the smallest pipes are spaghetti noodles.  Hopefully, the paint will seal that up and keep it from attracting bugs and such.

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