Monday, November 19, 2012

New Project, New Scale, Old Habits

It's time for a new project, and maybe a new scale.  The size and cost and ease of storage of the 10mm boys is great, but there are a lot of fun little 15mm troops out there, too.  Most of the games I play are more skirmish and having banged my head against the Tomorrow's War wall for long enough, it may be time to move up a notch.

I should probably at least finish painting the 10mm figures I have, but what's a wargamer without some unpainted lead, right?

So here's a sneak peak at the next big (15mm) thing from your host:

One piece of foam core, sans terrain.


  1. Sounds good. I'm becoming increasingly interested in 15mm. Not made the plunge yet as I can decide on how or what.

  2. There aren't many of us 10mm enthusiasts out there - I hope you'll hold on to your smaller stuff as well as picking up the new 15mm minis. In any event, I'll enjoy seeing what you come up with.

  3. Not a chance of that - for fantasy anyway. The tiny guys work great for D&D and skirmishes, and I'd love to build a proper mass-battle army in 10mm (if I can find some local opponents). For sci-fi, though, I've discovered that I like smaller skirmish engagements, and the ability to customize my figures. I don't have what it takes to do that with 10mm figures, so I'm going to bump up a notch and see if that works a little better.


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