Thursday, November 15, 2012

MegaDungeon Assault

Saturday night seven brave souls set out from the village whose name we forgot and couldn't find because I lost the wilderness maps to make a second assault on the Temple of Evil contained within The Dungeon.  Two new hardy adventurers joined in the fun, a pair of elven sisters seeking the Lost Tribe of Elves somewhere in a hidden vale to the north.

On their way to The Dungeon, they camped for the night, only to be ambushed by red robed cultists.  After dispatching the cultists, as seen here...
...they cleverly took their robes and unholy symbols, the better to sneak into the Temple of Evil.  With only six robes, one adventurer (Frodo the Hobbit), played prisoner.  This time, the pesky orcish guardians charged 5gp for passage for all of the "cultists" wink wink and a whopping 100gp for the "prisoner" wink wink.

So the party barged into the Temple and marched straight up to the head of the temple, a bald man who had put the smack down on them last go 'round, and promptly beat the holy living heaven out of him and the rest of his cult.  Feeling smug bout killing most of his lackeys and capturing him, they set about exploring the massive main hall, only to be ambushed by two gargoyles.  A long fight won through smart tactics and the clever use of archers left them with only a little time to gather up as much loot as they could carry and scoot back to the main entrance where the perfidious orcs charged them yet another 100gp for safe entry to the surface.

Only once they were outside did they realize that they forgot to take the Temple leader with them.  They know next time that he'll be ready for them, but they've got enough gold to help ease their worries...

Man, it's invigorating to play D&D with 13 year olds.  You forget about all the stupid things like consistency and cleverness and just roll with the fun.  Yeah, we've got a party with Frodo, Gandalf, Pierce and Annie (from the grossly under-rated NBC television show Community) and Katniss Everdeen.  So what if it isn't wholy original?  It's adventurous and silly and lots of fun.


  1. Sounds like fun, Thanks for sharing this. Makes me feel all warm inside at the memories it brings back :D

  2. It's good to see that you're blogging again - I always enjoy your photos and writing. (-:


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