Monday, February 4, 2013

Brightening Up the Place

Getting out of the GW all-dark-and-gothy-look is proving harder than anticipated.  I'm just so used a dark palette that my work keeps ending up not nearly as bright as anticipated.  There is one way to brighten up the table though - lights.  These look like streetlights, don't they.  I found them as wooden pegs for some furniture use or other, but they looked like some of the street lights used in the streets around these parts.

They are mounted on washers for weight and stability.  Otherwise, all I did was paint them.  These represent the first of the new phase of work on the project - lots and lots of scatter terrain.  Guess what's on the table for tomorrow...


  1. The lights turned out well and look they must have been fun to paint up.

    Back when I was still just using 28mm figures, I noticed that having small individual bits of terrain to scatter about really improves the look of the tabletop. I'll have to think about making some for my current 10mm terrain collection.


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