Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This Blue and Pleasant Land

All of these trees set me back by a dollar.  That's one dollar for the whole lot.  Don't you just love wargamer swap meets.  Shame they only happen twice a year around these parts.

Normally, these are glued together to form four tall trees suitable for 28mm figures.  What you see represents a portion of a single sprue of plastic trees that I think were included in the 5th Edition Warhammer 40k box set.  The tallest three trees use the three bases left on that sprue, the rest are glued directly on to washers that had the holes filled in with cardboard hole punches.  Quick and dirty - that's my style.

The two dark green trees will go into the hydroponics level of The Big Ship, and were painted to match the rest of the earthborn trees therein.  The rest of the trees have a bluish tinge to give them a more alien-planet feel, and they'll be used as scatter cover in my urban terrain set-up.

As you can see, this foliage fills up a smaller building, leaving plenty of room for more scatter cover in the other buildings.  At the rate this is filling up, we might just run out of steam on the project before we run out of room in the box.


  1. great idea with those tree and at a bargain price, nice work mate.

  2. I've always liked those 40k trees. Model railroading stuff may be lovely to look at, but these look good and they hold up to gaming use without shedding on everything!


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