Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Old Park

In retrospect, this park isn't very pulpy.  At some point, that statue of a long forgotten hero of the DPRG will have to come down for a nice art-deco style sculpture.  For now, though, a finished terrain piece is worth two in the "someday" column.
The real reason that I used that statue is that it was a spare - it was donated to the cause by GZG as an example of their Tomorrow's War line.  It's a great sculpt with lots of nice little details, and everyone should buy lots of them to keep Tuffley in business, but the DPRG isn't a force I intend to collect any time soon, so up on a pedestal it goes.
The base of the statue is the bottom part of a Chapstick tube - the part you twist to get the chapstick to come out - the bushes are green scrubbers lightly brushed with bright green and yellow paints, and the rest is all matte board and cereal box mounted on a copy of the movie Shark Tale.  It's nice to get some entertainment out of that useless DVD this way, because you sure as heck can't get any by watching it.


  1. LOL, That is a great looking piece. I like a lot of GZG ranges for 15mm so much so I can never make my mind up on what to order!!

  2. The park turned out great! Also, you've changed my mind about using green pads as shrubbery - I've seen some projects where it looked really artificial, but it turned out great here. I'm going to have to give it a try myself now.


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