Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Rooftop Scatter

Before we get to today's scatter terrain, let's review, shall we?  Your humble editor has been whiny about how 'dark' his tabletop looks.  For once, he decided to run a test paint job before getting too deep into painting the small city's worth.  Here's how that worked out:

Still needs some color, but it's clean and bright.  With that out of the way, let's look at an experiment in rooftop scatter terrain.  Rooftop scatter is important when you've got rules that encourage the use of cover AND the use of the third dimension in the form of lots of ladders and bridges.

Ordinarily, you can just glue rooftop cover (A.C. units, chimneys, and whatnot) to the roof, but this stuff is getting nested, packed, and stacked, so it's imperative that the stuff on the roof can be removed.  Enter the chimneys:

Those are plastic...not sure what they are called.  They are knobs that you can buy to replace the spinner knobs that you turn to turn on the lights.  They run about 40 to 50 cents each, but they provide decent cover for your figures, and all you have to do is prime them black and dust them with silver paint.

These have been attached these to washers, again, for added stability.  The gray painted washers just look like some sort of flange, so it's all good.  Probably going to need more than four of them, but they are cheap and easy enough to make in those lulls between shipment of figures.


  1. Nice little additions that bring it to life.

  2. It's inspiring seeing you finish so many terrain pieces and painted miniatures. My own terrain projects and figures tend to sit on my painting table for weeks or longer (okay, it's almost always much longer) before I manage to finish them.


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