Thursday, February 21, 2013

Frigate Paint Test

So very tired. Operating in a bit of a fugue state at the moment, what with sleeping in a hospital and the every-two-hour feeds. Had a great post showing the paint process for the big spaceships ready to go. Deleted it in my torpor. Not even sure if that's a real word or not, so tired. Anywho, the loss of a bunch of pictures is a bit of a bother, but that just forces me to stop being coy and make with the goods. Two human frigates are pretty much done. Here's a look at the nearly-final look of my first Big Thrust fleet.

These are the first two frigates. The cruisers and capital ships are assembled and spray painted. I made a big push to get them done and spray painted before baby comes home. All that's left to do is the hand painting. And the protective coat. (Gloss? Flat? Which one will look better on the field of battle?) And sleeping, but that'll have to wait a few more days. I'll sneak in a post on the paint job and some shots of the bigger ships in progress sometime in the next few days, too. Might as well tie full advantage of this paternity leave while I can, right?


  1. The frigates look fantastic!

    If you go with a gloss varnish first and then put a thin flat coat over the top of it, you'll get the superior protection of the gloss and end up with a semi-gloss effect as the flat will kill most but not all of the shine.

    When my youngest (five now) was born, I stayed home and took care of her after my wife went back to work. I remember it was wonderful but exhausting. I got a lot of painting done when she was sleeping, but was always half done with things as I'd drop the brush at once after she woke.

    P.S. Your bio still says "...with three kids..." Again congratulations to you and your family! (-:

  2. They look greta marvellous paintjob on them. Dude don't worry about the feeds it will only last a few more years :D


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