Friday, June 1, 2012

The Dungeon: Level 9A - The Lich's Doorstep

Waaaaaay back at the beginning of this article, it was hinted that The Dungeon is nothing more than an elaborate prison for a Mad Lich.  The Mad Lich is locked deep inside Level 10; this level and level 9 combine to serve as an effective the 'lock' on his prison.  As a fire wizard hated by the denizens of The Dungeon his escape would require him to be prepared for fire and ice at the same time - not a simple prospect.  And so the Mad Lich rants and raves in his cell - waiting for a plucky band of foolish greedy looters to kill his guards and free him.

Before they can release, or fight, or loot that great evil, they first have to contend with the environment and guardians on this cold, wet, and icy level of The Dungeon.

The Dungeon: Level 9A - The Lich's Doorstep

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  1. Was this ever finished? I can't find any sign of part 10 anywhere.


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